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Online VET Service

Do you want a Professional Veterinary opinion without leaving home?


Hello, our team with Registered Veterinarians, will help you solve your doubts and queries about your pet, online without leaving home.

How can we help you?

Right now you can connect with a Veterinarian from our team so that he can guide you. Choose an option:

Emergency Triage (classification) ONline for Dogs and Cats  FREE!

This Free Online service allows you to quickly identify the seriousness of your dog or cat's situation. So you can make the best decision without compromising the health or well-being of your pet .

ONline Veterinary Consultation (Videoconference)

Our online veterinary consultation service by videoconference allows you to contact a veterinarian from our team at the time you decide, from your home and without waiting.


ONLine Health History for Pets  FREE! on your mobile

What would happen if your trusted Veterinary Clinic is closed or you are traveling and your pet falls ill? 

How could you have access to your pet's health history to take it to a 24-hour EMERGENCY veterinary service?

soon more online services


About our online veterinary service:

Our Veterinary team will try to guide you effectively


“His attention was quick and with absolute delicacy. Millions of THANKS for the treatment and professionalism״ 

Nuria T.


From anywhere

“Scared because my dog had had a relapse and we were displaced from Seville after she was treated at my usual veterinary clinic for gastroenteritis. The videoconference service was great. Many thanks״ 



second opinion

“Although finally, after sending them the tests from my regular vet, they could only confirm the same diagnosis. I thank you for the humane treatment you had in serving me.״ 

Louis Ferdinand L.


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