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Online health history for pets (FREE) from your mobile

What would happen if your trusted Veterinary Clinic is closed or you are traveling and your pet falls ill?

Historial de salud online para mascotas perros gatos caballos hamsteres pajaros peces serp

In those moments you need to have all the information about your pet's health history at your fingertips.


  Medications, X-rays, treatments, ultrasounds, blood tests and any tests that you have previously paid for.


Not having them accessible at that time will force you to pay for them again in case the vet you go to the emergency room needs them.

Now with Myvets.Online we offer you the online health history for pets   for free. So you can write down all the information about your pet and always have it at hand from your mobile phone. And avoid paying twice for tests

In addition, you can register all your pets and thus have all the information of their veterinary records in one place from your mobile phone.

You can save everything in our online history, such as:


  • Medications (medication name, dose, regimen and time of taking)

  • Radiographs (in any format .pdf, .jpg,.....)

  • Vaccinations and deworming of your pets (periodic)

  • Ultrasounds  (in any format .pdf, .jpg,.....)

  • Blood test  (in any format .pdf, .jpg,.....)

  • The weight and weighing day of your pets

In this way you will always have access to your pet's history online from your mobile phone. For the unforeseen events that may happen. to your pets


Our online Health History is valid for dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, birds, fish, snakes,....

Always carry all the information about your pet, veterinary tests, analytics, etc. on your mobile phone.

registro historial salud veterinaria para mascotas online.PNG


Learn how to sign up for pet health history in this 2 minute video

And avoid paying twice for a veterinary test, for not carrying it with you

añadir pruebas veterinariasal  historial salud veterinaria para mascotas online.PNG


Learn how to register your pet's information. As well as adding the files of x-rays, ultrasounds, analytics, treatments, diets... in this 2-minute video

añadir nuevas mascotas al  historial salud veterinaria para mascotas online.PNG


Learn how to register new pets (dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, birds, snakes, fish,...)  in this 2 minute video

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