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Online Veterinary Consultation

Services and prices

What can we do for you?

Right now you can connect with a Veterinarian from our team so that he can guide you. Choose an option:

Emergency Triage (classification) ONLine

for dogs and cats  FREE!

This Free Online service allows you to quickly identify the seriousness of your dog or cat's situation. So you can make the best decision without compromising the health or well-being of your pet .

Veterinary Consultation  ONLine


Our online veterinary consultation service by videoconference allows you to contact a veterinarian from our team at the time you decide, from your home and without waiting.

ONLine Health History for Pets  FREE! on your mobile

What would happen if your trusted Veterinary Clinic is closed or you are traveling and your pet falls ill? 

How could you have access to your pet's health history to take it to a 24-hour EMERGENCY veterinary service?

soon more online services


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