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Triage of Dogs and Cats ONLine

immediate and free


The day to day with our pet makes us detect situations that are out of the ordinary.


Many times we do not give these situations enough importance, we let them pass without paying attention to them and when we finally take our beloved pet to the Veterinary Center, the situation is irreversible.

Do you currently find your pet with symptoms different from its usual state? . Take the free TRIAGE below and find out if the situation and symptoms you have are related to a serious problem where your life may be in danger.

Detect in time if your pet has symptoms that can hide extremely serious situations. In 80% of the cases, it prevents the situation from being irreversible.

Next, review the symptoms that our free TRIAGE presents to you.




(In the event that you do not understand a definition well, you can always search for the "definition" on the Internet to understand if you should mark "Yes" that symptom-)

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